Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Miss the Mall of the 90's

Let's face it, the mall we once knew and loved has ceased to exist. What once was a magical land of escalators and giant Christmas wreaths is slowly turning into an upscale flea market. The new wave of shopping revolves around online sales and outdoor shopping centers. Don't get me wrong-- I love to buy cute dresses without having to brush my teeth or that I can simply park directly in front of the store I want to go to. But I just can't help acknowledging that nostalgic feeling which comes up when I think of going to malls as a kid. In order to properly honor that soon to be forgotten place full of perfume samples and childhood memories I have written a poem. Enjoy.

I Miss the Mall of the 90's
by Katie Swaim

I miss the mall of the 90's
in all its former glory.
With stores and benches and tiled floors
and free samples from a girl named Tori.

I miss the mall of the 90's
and all of the neon lights.
Giant arcades and candy stores
full of wonderful sights.

I miss the mall of the 90's
with all its options of food.
To have dinner here is perfectly acceptable,
Panda Express is always good.

I miss the mall of the 90's
when you could shop anywhere,
without being accosted by foreign men
wanting to straighten your hair.

Oh Foley's, Oh KB Toys, Oh Montgomery Ward!
Shall we meet again?
Perhaps in another world,
known as 90's mall heaven.