Friday, July 1, 2016

Short & Sweet - Albuquerque Coffee Shops

Satellite Coffee

You simply cannot go wrong at Satellite. Wanting something sweet? Try the Iced Java (tastes like cool, melted coffee ice cream). Want something bold? Go for a Black Velvet (the menu refers to it as "ÜBER caffeinated vanilla coffee"). This highly caffeinated concoction is served in their largest cup size, iced.  

Don't worry if you're not a fan of coffee, Satellite offers a variety of teas. Order a pot of Earl Grey and read a book or grab a iced mango tea to go. 

If you're not near a Satellite, find a Flying Star, Satellite's parent company, which also has a full food menu. Flying Star recently revamped their beverage menu, offering some of the Satellite's most popular drinks.

Humble Coffee
Near Lomas and Washington

Humble Coffee does a great job of pairing delicious lattes with locally made savories and sweets. My favorite combination? A vanilla latte with a green chile, ham, and cheddar scone. Yes, a cheddar scone with a kick that would give any Mr. Darcy a run for his money. 

Humble also provides a great indoor and outdoor atmosphere. Enjoying the sunny weather? Keep those sunglasses on and use their walk-up window. 

Don't forget to look at your latte before you drink it, these baristas serve up some of the best latte art in town. 

Empire Board Game Library
Nob Hill
Not only do they have an expansive collection of board games you can pay to play by the hour, Empire also can serve up some great coffee. Their menu also includes sandwiches, pastries, and Rebel Donuts.

If you find yourself here on a Sunday afternoon enjoying a hazelnut latte and a French Toast donut while playing Dixit with 4 of your closest friends, you have made it.

Need some game suggestions? Here are some of my favorites:
Ticket to Ride Europe
Bamboleo (tip: this is not a game for shaky hands so get your caffeine fix after)

Situated on a cozy corner just south of Nob Hill, Limonata is a great coffee shop to sit back and relax in. 

If you're looking for something other than coffee, order their Lavender Lemonade. It's refreshing, but not overly sweet. Try pairing a glass of it with one of Limonata's delicious crepes, made right in front of you. There are several combinations to choose from (I prefer my crepes with strawberries and whipped cream).

Whether you're reading a book or just people watching, Limonata is a great place to transport you out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Menaul, just south of Carlisle

Napoli has a menu board full of lattes to choose from. Not sure where to start? My coffee buddy Shawnna recommends the Crazy Nut (english toffee, macadamia nut, hazelnut). If you're feeling romantic try the Mocha Amore (white chocolate, milk chocolate, strawberry). 

Lattes aren't the only thing you'll find on Napoli's giant wall menu - coffee, tea, ice cream, burritos, sandwiches, and pastries have all made their way on the board. You'll have to visit many times before you are able to try it all!

Bike-In Coffee (Old Town Farm)
South of I-40, below Montoya NW
For this coffee experience you want a bike and a sense of adventure. Don't have a bike? That's ok, because you can just park and walk, too. Nestled in a corner in Old Town Farm is Bike-In Coffee, a mini oasis just south of the I-40 bike path, between Montoya St. NW and Gabaldon Dr. NW.

Here you will find a bike stand for repairs, restrooms, outdoor garden seating, and a coffee truck serving up fresh food made with ingredients from the farm itself.

Make sure to check their website for hours and all the different ways you can get there.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

4 Jobs I Wish I Could Apply For

Because some careers don't get started with a cover letter and a resume.

1. Jedi -There is no doubt in my mind that this would be the greatest job in the galaxy.

I used to think this was a career option available to anyone willing to listen to the Force. Then midichlorians came along and shattered those dreams.

2. Queen - I've said it once, and I'll keep saying until it happens: I would make a wonderful queen.
Ability to boss large quantities of people? Check. Desire to keep people from making poor decisions? Check. Ability to work the room while plotting the downfall of my enemies. Checkmate.

3. Magical Nanny - A bottomless carpet bag, spoonfuls of sugar, hanging out with penguins, and that umbrella! Sounds practically perfect in every way. Truth be told, I don't know which is more exciting; the accessories that come with this job or the chance to sing and dance with Dick van Dyke.

4. Full House Touching Moment Sound Editor - I don't know much about the sound editing business, but I'm sure this was a coveted job title in the early 90's. Sitting in a dark room, waiting for the right dad eye look from Bob Saget - what could bring you more satisfaction than hearing the gentle trickle of an electric keyboard slowly making its way into the most touching scene of the episode, letting audiences know it's ok to feel right now? With Fuller House getting ready to make its Netflix debut, this dream job could actually become a reality...

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Book Bound - The Ladies of Austen

The creative movement Disney Bound allows people to dress up like their favorite Disney character without actually being in costume. (Check out all the fun here.)


So awesome that I decided to apply it to a different group of characters I would love to imitate, without stepping out in a hoop skirt or puffed sleeves.

Thus, I give you......Book Bound!

I started out with two of my favorite Austen heroines, Elizabeth Bennett (Pride and Prejudice) and Anne Elliot (Persuasion) - let's be honest, you just can't go wrong with these ladies.

Elizabeth Bennett

Anne Elliot

Which literary characters would you like to see?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

It's Nice to Know (Anxiety in the Media)

When the reality show "Married to Jonas" debuted last fall, I was expecting to casually watch it, enjoying a glimpse into the life of the Jonas Brothers, but, to my genuine surprise, I was most interested in Danielle Jonas's openness and honesty about her problem with anxiety.

The type of anxiety Danielle lives with (as she describes in the clip below) is not your average run-of-the-mill worrying which all people encounter now and again. Instead, it is a condition in which your body "over responds" to situations, whether or not there is a reason to be anxious.

People in the media are often open about the challenges they have experienced, but rarely do they speak about this sort of anxiety. As someone who has faced similar circumstances, it is oddly thrilling to find it talked about on tv.

The audience Danielle speaks to has a lot to gain from her experience. I'm making an assumption that most viewers are young adults ranging from teens to early-30-somethings.* Whether or not this is true, it still a group that often deals with anxiety issues, but rarely have an open opportunity to talk about it on such a large and accessible scale. However, I think it's time for the conversation to begin.

Seeing anxiety talked about in the media has since inspired me to be more open about my personal experiences in hopes of helping others facing it now (the November 2012 issue of Glamour talks of other celebs like Emma Stone and Olivia Munn opening up about their anxiety issues). I am also taking a more proactive role in understanding what is it I feel and why, instead of ignoring it and pretending it doesn't exist. Seeing someone live life in spite of personal hardship inspires me to do the same.

*Warning: Assumptions are sometimes wrong

Follow the link and scroll down to find the video, then go to the 6:30 mark:

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Miss the Mall of the 90's

Let's face it, the mall we once knew and loved has ceased to exist. What once was a magical land of escalators and giant Christmas wreaths is slowly turning into an upscale flea market. The new wave of shopping revolves around online sales and outdoor shopping centers. Don't get me wrong-- I love to buy cute dresses without having to brush my teeth or that I can simply park directly in front of the store I want to go to. But I just can't help acknowledging that nostalgic feeling which comes up when I think of going to malls as a kid. In order to properly honor that soon to be forgotten place full of perfume samples and childhood memories I have written a poem. Enjoy.

I Miss the Mall of the 90's
by Katie Swaim

I miss the mall of the 90's
in all its former glory.
With stores and benches and tiled floors
and free samples from a girl named Tori.

I miss the mall of the 90's
and all of the neon lights.
Giant arcades and candy stores
full of wonderful sights.

I miss the mall of the 90's
with all its options of food.
To have dinner here is perfectly acceptable,
Panda Express is always good.

I miss the mall of the 90's
when you could shop anywhere,
without being accosted by foreign men
wanting to straighten your hair.

Oh Foley's, Oh KB Toys, Oh Montgomery Ward!
Shall we meet again?
Perhaps in another world,
known as 90's mall heaven.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

5 Things I'd Rather Do On A Golf Course Than Golf

Let's face it, golf courses are a giant waste of space. These wonderfully landscaped fields are only serving the needs of one portion of the population. The game of golf itself has been a source of stressful days, bad sunburns, and boring business deals for hundreds of years. It is time to claim these wide open spaces for more than a singular use. I therefore present the 5 things I'd rather do on a golf course than golf.

1. Go on a Picnic - I have yet to find a park as neatly kept as a golf course. Nicely manicured lawns, big shade trees, and the soft sound of a water fountain in the distance create the perfect atmosphere for an afternoon picnic. It is easy to find a flat surface to keep your lemonade balanced and room enough for you to keep a safe distance from any stray volleyball or frisbee.

2. Race Golf Carts - Granted they aren't very fast, but there's something about the combination of no seat belts, doors, or any general safety features that make the golf cart oddly exciting.

3. Sled - Because of the rolling hills and open spaces this is actually a much safer alternative than trying to navigate an icy path through the forest behind your cabin. I've actually been sledding on a golf course and will use that as proof that one day golf courses will be open for other activities.

4. Enjoy an Afternoon in Row Boat - Picture it with me: after your picnic lunch you spend a few hours lazily rowing along a pristine lake with the British gentleman of your choice.*

*You can substitute a good book for a British gentleman, but if you had the choice I don't know why you choose a book, unless you wanted to read for a bit then take a nap. In which case I still suggest a British gentleman to man the oars and to make sure you don't bump into any wayward ducks.

5. Build a Sand Castle - It is a sad and honest fact that I have never built a sand castle. I don't live near the ocean and the sand at playgrounds is better suited for burying G.I. Joes than constructing a seaside palace. If only there was a place within 5 miles of my house where I could find giant holes filled of soft and manageable sand.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Why Good Friday is Good

     When I was younger I never quite understood why Good Friday was "Good". The day that a group of people killed an innocent Jesus did not seem very good at all. I thought about referring to it as Sad Friday and decided I should spend the day in a somber, melancholy mood.
     But today, I cannot glum around and judge people that lived long ago. I am happy and hopeful and, most importantly, saved. Without the events that occurred on that Friday so many years ago I would not know Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Had Jesus not been crucified he would not have had the opportunity to take our sins upon himself and then rise up from the dead on Sunday, conquering both death and sin once and for all. And if that didn't happen then I would not have the relationship with God that I have today or forgiveness of my wrong doings. It is that relationship which has saved me from death, from sin, and from a hopeless life.
     So instead of being separated, we are brought to God. Instead of trying to justify ourselves, we are given grace. Grace is a gift I gladly accept. This is a Good Friday. I have life because He gave His.

"but we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles, but to those whom God has called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God."
                                                            1 Corinthians 1:23-24

I wish I could adequately express how wonderful God really is. But then again, I'm glad I can't, because He is so much more than my words could ever describe.

Questions? Comments? Let's talk