Tuesday, January 12, 2016

4 Jobs I Wish I Could Apply For

Because some careers don't get started with a cover letter and a resume.

1. Jedi -There is no doubt in my mind that this would be the greatest job in the galaxy.

I used to think this was a career option available to anyone willing to listen to the Force. Then midichlorians came along and shattered those dreams.

2. Queen - I've said it once, and I'll keep saying until it happens: I would make a wonderful queen.
Ability to boss large quantities of people? Check. Desire to keep people from making poor decisions? Check. Ability to work the room while plotting the downfall of my enemies. Checkmate.

3. Magical Nanny - A bottomless carpet bag, spoonfuls of sugar, hanging out with penguins, and that umbrella! Sounds practically perfect in every way. Truth be told, I don't know which is more exciting; the accessories that come with this job or the chance to sing and dance with Dick van Dyke.

4. Full House Touching Moment Sound Editor - I don't know much about the sound editing business, but I'm sure this was a coveted job title in the early 90's. Sitting in a dark room, waiting for the right dad eye look from Bob Saget - what could bring you more satisfaction than hearing the gentle trickle of an electric keyboard slowly making its way into the most touching scene of the episode, letting audiences know it's ok to feel right now? With Fuller House getting ready to make its Netflix debut, this dream job could actually become a reality...